A little more information

After successfully compleating a Degree in Graphic Design & Communication I furthered my qualifications by gaining a Distiniction in a Masters Degree of the same subject. During my studies I worked at various print companies and design agencies gaining vaulable experience which was a key factor when it came to getting my first job in a book publishers which started 2 weeks following the compleation of my studies.

Having worked in a book publishers, advertising agency, marketing company and printing house as well as being the principle designer for a PLC company for 7 years I have a welath of knowledge and contacts which enables me to offer the very best service to my clients.

Running my own company ensures I'm the principle contact for all of my clients, many of which don't work the standard 9-5 hours, if my clients need me out of normal office hours then I am contactable on email or the mobile. Being flexible is very important especially with the smaller companies I deal with. 

Clients include: